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About Us

Adult Family Home in Auburn, Washington

It Is All About the Residents

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About the Owner

"I am a certified assistant with 20 years of experience. Growing up in Africa, I took care of my grandfather- who has dementia and diabetes. During this time, I discovered that I have a calling to help people. When I came to America, I got employed in an adult family home. I became a manager of an adult family home, where I gained a very important experience. After ten years as a manager, I saved enough money to start my own adult family home in Auburn, Washington, and opened Aliceville Adult Family Home. My company is family-owned and run, which eliminates turnover on staff. We offer high-quality and affordable age-in-place care."

Our Mission

Our mission is to optimize our resident's physical and cognitive ability to remain independent. We believe that people do not stop living or enjoying life after age 65. Life is here and now filled with possibilities, so we can consistently focus on improving the quality of life for our residents.

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Our Vision

Provide high-quality, affordable age-in-place care. We want to exceed the expectations of those who come to us to spend their golden years in comfort with our quality services.